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A Model School

The Vidyalaya strives to blend the heritage, culture, values and wisdom of glorious ancient India with the constantly changing needs and aspiration of the modern society. It seeks to develop every student into a self-reliant, socially useful, disciplined and law abiding citizen by providing regular and standard teaching in the most sophisticated manner. It also aims at developing every pupil into an integrated personality and make the child fit to take up various responsible positions in life.

The basic approach is guided by the fact that, nature gifts every child with a unique potential, which with adequate environmental inputs can be developed into outstanding competence so vital to face the increasing competition in today's world. At the same time, it seeks to safeguard the young minds against the negative influence of materialism and the counter productive effects of liberalization and globalization so as to preserve and promote the sanctity of family and community relationships. Hence the institution has a distinct background, character and philosophy and lays special emphasis on the study of Sanskrit, Hindi and Indian Culture in composite form.

It caters to the educational needs of those who want to combine the advantages of a modern school with those of the ancient "vidyasharam" aimed at awakening the intelligence of the child, to educate him to understand the complexity of the problems in life, and to help him to grow into an individual with sound character and personality, through close contact between the teacher and the taught. The institution also takes up wide range of activities, conducive to social fulfillments and social achievement.

To this end, the school, besides imparting academic education in above mentioned courses, strives to

The Curriculum would cover the frontier areas of science and mathematics, so as to train young minds to appreciate, understand and grasp the widening horizons and enlarging vistas of modern science and technology.

The school will attempt in every way to provide opportunities for training in leadership, consistent, with the Gita doctrine of "Lokasangraha" to work for common wealth.

In keeping with the dictum "Shareeeramadhyam khalu Dharma Sadhanam" and also with the dictum "means sana incorporre sano" ,the vidyalaya will maintain a detailed health record of the pupils by periodical checkup, offer lessons in health education, so that the children become fully aware of the necessary steps for maintaining sound health.

The vidyalaya will, as far as possible, involve parents, to develop harmonious and non-conflicting personality amongst the students in their formative years of life. Career development programs, career counselling and training for competitive examinations will also be organised for the holistic development of the student.