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International Day of Yoga - 2021

The 7th International Day of Yoga was observed with great zeal and enthusiasm on the theme 'Yoga for Well being'on 21.06.2021 on the school premises. The Programme commenced with Bhavan's prayer followed by lighting of the lamp by the Honorary Director and Treasurer, Dr. N Satyanarayana Raju Garu. Addressing the gathering, he emphasized on the significance of yoga in day to day life .

Quoting the 50th shloka from the 2nd chapter of Bhagavadgita, he highlighted the phrase 'Yogah karmasu kaushalam,' and propounded that Yoga is excellence at work. He said that by practicing Yoga everyday, when one maintains equanimity of mind at all times, one's actions become perfect since they will be performed with total attention and dexterity and this inturn can pave way to attain excellence in behaviour.He also stated that essential and right actions are done to maintain harmony and well being of society and all creation and that is the secret of perfection of human action.

He then elaborated on Ashtangas (8 limbs) of Patanjali Yoga i.e., Yama(ethics of behaviour), Niyama(observances), Asana(physical postures), Pranayama(control of breath), Prathyahara(withdrawal of senses), Dhyana(meditation), Dharana (concentration) and Samadhi(absorption) .

He concluded that Yoga has the power to ward away the negative thoughts and emotions like fear, anger and stress and instill a positive energy in us to lead a successful life.

Smt. S.Indira Principal explained that Yoga is to be practiced to gain physical, mental and spiritual benefits. She wished everyone to lead a healthy and a happy life by practising Yoga.

On this occasion, teachers of Bhavans,S V Vidyalaya performed various asanas like Vrikshasana,Thadasana,Trikonasana, Paadahasthanas and suryanamaskaras.

A Photo Gallery on various Yoga Asanas and their benefits was exhibited in the school lobby.

Smt A Vanisree Vice Principal proposed the Vote of thanks.

Sri P Sudhakar Reddy ,Executive Secretary, Dr. Yugandhar Raju,Assistant Director ,Bhavans Tirupati Kendra,and the other committee members graced the occasion.