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Computer Training

The school possesses three well-equipped Computer Labs. The subject "Computer Science" is a part of the curriculum from Class III onwards. Apart from the theory, the students have practical classes in the lab, where they learn programming so as to inculcate technical skills. According to the classes a graded syllabus is framed from Logo to Flash apart from C programming Language and Visual Basic to suit the students needs.


The School library is enriched with different titles for general reading and reference purpose. The students of the school not only borrow books but utilize the library for updating their knowledge through periodicals, news periodicals, newspapers and encyclopedias. The library is equipped with about 15,000 books including text and other reference books. Apart from books we also have audio visual materials like CDs, Cassettes etc., Students from 5th class onwards are issued one book per week. Library week celebrations from 14th November to 21st November is a regular feature.

Science Lab

A well equipped laboratory is the right hand to a science teacher. Science is the subject which should be taught through experimentation and activities. A child learns whole activity in a science laboratory than in a classroom. Observation skills of a child develop better in a lab. CBSE places more emphasis on activity based learning than note learning in the classroom. Our school has a well equipped lab to suit the needs of every class. Preserved models, specimens, slides, microscopes, help the children in understanding biological concepts easily. Similarly, chemistry and physics labs are well equipped to handle experiments for various levels. A computer installed in the lab provides visuals. Students are given activities to make CDs which they enjoy showing to others in the lab. Our lab has a good collection of CDs, DVDs, textbooks, reference books and magazines on various topics to feed the hungry brains. Children are encouraged to borrow books from the lab. Our laboratory provides the right stimulus for the students to venture probe and seek out knowledge at their disposal.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics is the "king of arts and the queen of all sciences". It is a proven statement because Mathematics has long since become the tool of science and technology. The school course of elementary mathematics is fundamental to all mathematical knowledge and without a firm grasp of this basic course there can be no question of mastering the higher divisions of the subject of applying mathematics in one's practical science and technology. So, right ambience of learning mathematics should be created in school. In order to keep experimentation, a mathematics laboratory was set up in our school in June 2006, with a minimum of 64 kinds of various maths-kits. [Abacus Kit, Factorization Kit, Circles Kit etc., name a few]. Students from class IV to X are making use of these kits in parallel to their respective lessons. To create interest to understand the core mathematics, to develop the skill of reasoning and analysing and to understand the abstract concepts from concrete ideas are the objectives of our lab activities.

English Language Lab

English Language Lab is equipped with Wordsworth Software

E techs

All class rooms are equipped with Etechs


Life is dance.. Dance is life. Every human being from birth expresses his/her feelings or thoughts through his body movements. Dance in India covers a wide range, from the ancient classical to modern styles. Dance helps us to keep the body fit. Hence, we impart dance from Class I to X along with the regular curriculum. Incidents from the puruanas are chosen for presentation so as to inculcate values. Finally, Dance is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body to music and used as a form of expression, social interaction and spirituality.


Music has always been an important part of Indian life. The range of musical phenomenon in Indian extends from simple melodies to what is one of the most well-developed "Systems" of classical music in the world. These are references to various string and wind instruments as well as several winds of drums and symbols in the Vedas. To say, music has taken a place and is a part and parcel of our life both in past and present. Music is made part of CBSE Curriculum and is one of the subjects taught from I to X classes. It has been included to train the tiny tots right from childhood to ring with rhythm and sruthi. Teaching children songs in various languages help them in learning languages at an early age with ease. This develops self-confidence in them. Learning patriotic songs and ringing them on stage makes them feel proud of our national heritage, our culture our traditions etc. It instills a sense of belonging in them and develops national integration. Students learn music in a systematic way with graded syllabus. Various rages are taught at various levels. The budding musicians often exhibit them talents on stage in school and elsewhere and bring laurels to schools. Training children at an early stage is important. It brings vocal chords into order, helps in more concentration develops lung power.