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The Curriculum

The medium of instruction is English. Students are expected to learn three languages from Class V to VIII one of which must be Hindi as either II language or III language.

ClassSecond LanguageThird Language
Class I-IVHindi/Telugu--
Class V-VIIIHindi/TeluguSanskrit/Hindi
Class IX-XHindi/Sanskrit/Telugu--

The students can choose either Telugu or Hindi as Second language in class I and the same will be continued (as second language) upto Class VIII. The III language is Hindi for those who have opted for Telugu and Sanskrit for those who have opted for Hindi which will be introduced in Class V. The language chosen in class I will not be changed in later years.

Work Experience & Art Education :

The school offers one subject under Art Education for every student from Class VI.

The subject chosen under this category in class VI will not be changed.

Computer Science :

Computer Science is offered as a subject for Classes III, IV & V to keep pace with the changing world.

Yoga :

Yoga education is imparted to the students from class IV to X as a compulsory subject.

Value Education - Co Curricular Activities

  1. Besides imparting knowledge, a far sighted curriculum aims at promoting values among students through co-curricular activities specifically designed to develop self-confidence, social and various other life skills.

  2. Co-curricular activities are organised with the guidance of house masters. A healthy and keen spirit of competition is being nurtured through Inter House competitions and co-curricular programmes including games and sports.