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Bhavan's Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct:
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is striving hard to make all students responsible citizens of tomorrow. Citizenship training is imparted in the school. The primary aim of the school is to transform young children into mature, responsible and self controlled members of the society. The Principal, staff and the management have total authority to maintain order and control in the school campus.

Class Room Conduct:
Students are advised to be very attentive in the class and any difficulty they encounter must be brought to the notice of the teacher concerned, so that corrective action is initiated immediately. Students are required to complete their daily assignments without fail. They should regularly and prepare for the days classes. Extra care is taken for weak students during remedial classes. Students must take all the unit tests and preparatory exams seriously as these marks are taken into consideration while computing the final results.

General Discipline:


Punctuality forms an integral part of a residential school life. All classes need to be attended on time. Punctuality is also expected in assembly, sports, dining hall, submission of class work, homework, projects, and other assignments etc.

Every student is expected to pay due respect to members of management, teachers, staff and workers.

Students are advised to keep their classroom, school building and campus as neat as possible. They are required to arrange books, shoes, and other belongings neatly where they are put to use.

Any student found stealing or using others belongings without their permission or using articles belonging to the school without the permission of the concerned person will be asked to leave the school immediately.

Lending or Borrowing:
Lending or borrowing of money or any other article is not permitted. The school is not responsible for goods lost due to lending/borrowing.

Forbidden Acts:

Displinary actions:

Suspension from school:
A student suspended from school for in discipline acts mentioned above, shall not be allowed to attend school and the parent will be informed to take their ward. This is to ensure firm discipline in school, so that children can be corrected early & parents and school together mould the child to grow positively.

Removal from school:
Discipline is of paramount importance for grooming a child to be a good citizen. We request parents total co-operation and ensure that the child obeys the school rules implicitly. The school has a policy on discipline which clearly stipulates as follows:
A Warning letter followed by the suspension and the matter will be referred to the discussion on their recommended, further action will be initiated which may lead to the issue of T.C

In case of drinking, drugs, bullying, damage to school property defiance to school authority and any violent act will entail immediate dismissal from the school. The management reserves the right to remove a student from the school due to the gravity of these offenses.

The following category of students will be removed from the school:

In event of a student being removed from the school, for gross in discipline acts stipulated above, the fees or any charges shall not be forfeited & cannot be refunded under any circumstances. An undertaking (undertaking-1 enclosed) to this effect is to be given by the parents in the application form at the time of admission. The school management reserves the right for refund of any deposit etc as per rules & the parents of the ward will not have any claim on charges other than refundable by management.